Kicks & Stones

The necklace was to die for. Seriously.

Kate Albertson is a word nerd, dog lover and high-end diamond thief. A heist-gone-wrong forces her to re-steal a certain necklace back from a rich man’s mistress. Kate only thought things were out of control before, as she now finds herself the prime suspect in a murder investigation. She quickly learns that while there may be honor among thieves, the same can’t said for those inhabiting L.A.’s most lavish homes and country clubs. It’ll take every burglar’s trick she knows to keep a step ahead of the police and find the real killer.

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The Kate
Albertson Series

The Mom
Con Series

Young Adult

Karl was born in El Paso, Texas, but moved away when he was only six. He has been just about everywhere else though, or so it seems. By the seventh grade, Karl had already lived in three different countries and attended six schools. Learn more.

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